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Model:Panel Van
Owner:Mark Massey
Info:Lloyd is my first bus. He is a January 57 Panel Van. Over the years many areas of Lloyd have been “hacked” and modified. The goal is to bring him back to stock condition. Due to limited free time my plan is to keep Lloyd a driver while working on him. He currently runs and drives well so the first steps will be rust repair and locating the correct parts for him.

On 10/26/2015 Chris and I got married.  We took Lloyd on a two week, 4500 mile trip to the mountains and had a blast!

3/20/2016, Been working on Lloyd a bunch this winter. Due to hitting the deer last fall I needed to get the driver door shutting good again. New dog legs and floors along with door repair on both sides.  I also made a trade with another bus owner looking for a rear cargo door with a window.  Even trade worked for both of us!

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