Current Projects

Rudy 1957 Beetle
Magnolia 1974 Camper
Karmann 1967 Conv
Scooby 1970 Camper
Charlie 1961 Single Cab
Bucky 1968 Baja
LuLu 1974 Ghia

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Restoration Services

Whether you are looking for a show car, a daily driver or just need help with a few parts, we can help. When looking for a shop to restore your car make sure you know what you are going to get for your money. I have worked on many cars over the years and I have seen some very good and very bad work.  Ask yourself this question:
Would you like this....
Or this....

At OldVWs Restoration we patch rust with new metal and fully weld it in place. In addition we take our time to get the new metal matched up with the old so as little filler as possible is used. We also pull all dents and use a shrinking process to get the metal as close as possible back to the way it once was. We use as little filler as possible and only when we have to.  See the samples below.

In addition to complete car restorations we can also do small parts for you. Steering wheels, distributors, coils, fuel pumps, fuse boxes, hood latches.... and the list goes on. We also have the capability to re-plate nuts and bolts and small parts with yellow, blue or black chromate.

Over the last 20 plus years we have learned many things, but the most important thing is that if you don't do it right the first time, you will be doing it again in the near future. We take pride in our work and we always strive for perfection. We don't like to take short cuts just to save time. Detail is very important to us, even in the normally unseen places. When you open the hood or engine compartment it should look just as clean as the rest of the car. When working on a customer's car we consider it one of our own. We become very attached to all of the cars we work on.

Customer Cars
Rudy, 1957 BeetleMagnolia, 1974 CamperSherman, 1963 Single Cab
LuLu, 1974 Ghia ConvertibleWilma, 1968 Ghia ConvertibleCharlie, 1961 Single Cab
Little Devil, 1961 Scuby, 1970 CamperSabrina, 1967 Convertible
Karmann, 1967 ConvertibleWinnie, 1963 Ghia ConvertibleShelly, 1967 Convertible
Clyde, 1971 Super BeetleRed, 1971 Super BeetleBuckey, 1967 Baja
Otto, 1952 BeetleJenna, 1973 Ghia ConvertibleGreta, 1972 Ghia Convertible
Charlie, 1970 SedanHans, 1968 SedanEdna, 1961 Ghia Convertible
Klaus, 1972 ConvertibleSunnie, 1976 ConvertibleGeorge, 1979 Convertible
Bert, 1963 Single CabShaggy, 1969 CamperNorm, 1973 Ghia
Carman, 1963 GhiaEarl, 1969 ConvertibleArchie, 1971 Convertible
Red, 1967 BeetleKah, 1971 CamperBitty Bug, 1967 Beetle
Lester, 1966 BeetleErnie, 1965 BeetleHerbie, 1979 Convertible
Jack, 1974 ConvertibleHarrie, 1973 ConvertibleLady, 1961 Convertible

My Cars
Matt, 1969 ConvertibleEd, 1967 BajaSunny, 1967 Beetle Sunroof
Oliver, 1953 BeetleLloyd, 1957 Panel VanHerman, 1967 Beetle