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Color:Sunshine Yellow, L13K
Owner:Diane Faivre
Restored:Aug 2013
Info:Sunnie was the third winter project for 2013.  Overall her body was solid with only rust in his floors and some in the rear quarter panels were mice had made a nest. For the most part Sunnie got a complete restoration which included the following items:
  • Front and rear axle rebuild
  • All new brakes
  • New top, seats, carpet and door panels
  • New dash, this was an aftermarket fiberglass dash molded to look like the original. New stock dashes are not available and the cheap covers look bad and only cover the top of the dash. For the most part the fiberglass dash fits and looks pretty good. ¬†It did need some tweaking but was worth it.
  • Engine looked to be a rebuild from a few years ago so only a tune-up cleaning and detailing were done to it

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