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Color:Poppy Red L54
Owner:Richard Hilliker
Info:Charlie was purchased new in 1970 by the late Don M. Hilliker. Charlie was driven very little until 1996 when he was parked with only 22,000 miles.  Although his miles were low he still saw one fender bender and two quick paint jobs.  The second paint job covered just about everything on the car.

In April of 2000 Don passed away and Charlie was forgotten.  Recently Don’s son Richard stumbled across Charlie and decided to restore his dad’s car and get it on the road again.  Richard contacted OldVWs Restoration and had Charlie shipped here from Ohio.

In January of 2014 restoration began and today you can see the results. Charlie’s body was very rust fee and he still has the factory black paint on the insides of the floor pans. Charlie’s interior was also very nice except for all the over spray from the second paint job. The over spray proved to be too hard to remove so the interior was replaced. 

Mechanically he was also in great condition do to his low miles. His engine had never been removed so all the correct parts and hoses were still in place.  His emission control throttle positioner even still works. New seals were installed, the tin was repainted and all other parts cleaned. Wheel bearings were repacked and for safety reasons all brake components were replaced.

Charlie drives like a new car. I think he will be the closest experience I will ever get to feeling what it was like to drive a new Air-Cooled Beetle out of the dealer lot. Charlie's new home will be with Richard in Fort Meyers, FL.  He will be in great company as he parks with the rest of Richards many other vintage cars. 

On Aug 9, 2014 Charlie was entered into our local all VW car show under Don's name.  Don won a door price and first place with Charlie in the 68-up class. We know Don is smiling down and is very proud of Charlie.

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